A little bit about me…


Jackie Hosking


Nigeria, 1966


Three children, two boys and one girl – boys aged 20yrs & 12yrs, girl aged 18yrs

How long have you been writing poetry for children?

For about ten years – when my youngest son turned two.

When did you get your first children’s poem published?

In 2005 my poem ‘If I Were A Giant’ was published by The School Magazine.

Do you only write in rhyme?

No I also write short stories, flash fiction, articles and blogs. Writing in rhyme is definitely a favourite though.

How many poems have you written?

I’m not sure exactly – let’s just say a lot!

Where have your poems been published?

If you look to the right you’ll see where some of my poems have been published.

Do you help other poets with their poetry?

Yes I do. I love helping other poets. If you are a children’s poet who would like some help tightening up your poems please contact me at jackiehosking @ bigpond . com (without the spaces)


2 Responses to A little bit about me…

  1. Ann Akova says:

    Hi Jackie, what are your fees for manuscript assessment for a rhyming childrens book?

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