Animal poems


A Mozzie Melodie


I feel

the need

to scratch until I bleed

I think I might

just scratch all night

this itchy


Mozzie bite


Red-back spiderlings

Under a log
From round woolly sacks
An untidy web hatches baby red-backs

In fourteen days
And fourteen nights
Red-back spiderlings take to flight

By the light of the moon
Through a rustle of leaves
Red-back spiderlings float on the breeze

Flimsy and weightless
Like bubble bath foam
Red-back spiderlings search for a home

Free to discover
What destiny brings
Left to their fate red-back spiderlings


Flippity floppity dog

He’s a fidget
And a prancer
A clippity cloppity dog

He’s a jitterbug
And a dancer
A hippity hoppity dog

He’s a trickster
And a moocher
He’s a softy
And a smoocher

He’s a roly
And a poly
He’s a flippity floppity dog




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